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Life can feel better

Life can be so tough at times. Sometimes we can see why we are feeling so bad, if we have suffered a bereavement or the loss of a relationship for instance, but sometimes we don't know why we are feeling anxious or irritated or panicked. We can suddenly notice how long it has been since we laughed or looked forward to anything. Therapy really can help with so much of this, in that it makes sense of our feelings, and offers a unique kind of support unlike anything that friends or family can offer.

Having trained and worked as a psychodynamic psychotherapist for the last 15 years, I have spent the last five years training in various evidence based processes which have proved to be a really effective and exciting addition to my working methods. These processes have been tested alongside findings in neuroscience which show how and why the brain develops symptoms and how these symptoms can be eradicated. Coherence Therapy and Internal Family Systems, amongst others, are fast working yet long lasting and I feel confident about my abilities to bring about real change for those in pain.

The way I work is particularly suited to working online. I offer flexibility, with times and prices to suit you and your budget on zoom, Skype or telephone. I look forward to hearing from you.

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