There are very few people we get to know as well as our life partners. Increased intimacy sadly, does not guarantee increased harmony.

Couples counselling offers a unique opportunity to experience and learn about each other and yourself. It may be that you are reading this because you feel your relationship is at an end or in need of rescue. Life can feel so hard when our closest relationship, which can so often feel at the core of who we are and how our lives have been constructed, feels on wobbly ground.

I work in a structured way to keep the sessions safe for you both. The frame of my sessions works well on Skype or Zoom as the focus in on you. I use various techniques and exercises which help you to experience things about yourselves in real time which allow you to observe what you are bringing to the relationship and why. After each session my hope is that not only will you have learnt something useful about your partner that you never knew before but also about yourself. This gradual unpacking, in my experience, leads to a greater understanding which in turn leads to forgiveness and compassion. What you choose to do with that is entirely up to you.

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