A Bit About Me

I discovered an interest in psychotherapy after a long career in the entertainment industry working as an actor's agent. Agents and actors are often together for many years forming close bonds that often mirror an intimate friendship more than a working relationship. I was alongside them through good and bad, from shattered dreams to fame and fortune. I often felt ill-equipped to know how to support them as either extreme seemed to exert enormous pressures and difficulties. So, in my twenties, I signed up to an introductory year of psychotherapy training at WPF (one of the largest and most prestigious training faculties in Europe) and so started my commitment to discovering what difference psychological intervention could make.

I am fully committed to finding the methods that work. Consequently, I am always open to new theories or ways of practicing. Psychotherapy hasn't been around long enough for anyone to feel complacent and from my own experience I didn't feel it was enough to know that it helped but not to know how or why. This has brought me to the most recent, evidence based psychotherapies. I have never felt as excited as I do now about my work. Learning how to use these processes, from Coherence Therapy to IFS, and being able to actually measure their effectiveness has rejuvenated my work and strengthened my commitment to my belief that psychotherapy can be of benefit to all of us. I look forward to working with you.

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